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Help With a Flat Battery

It is extremely common for a car battery to go flat after a long time sitting on the driveway or in the same place. It is also common for people to leave lights or the radio running too long whilst the car is not running which can cause a battery to go flat.

If this has happened to you we can send out a member of our team to assist you in getting your vehicle back on the road by either jump-starting the car using jump leads, or by charging your battery for you.

step 1 - CALL US: 0800 031 4367

If you require emergency accident recovery. If you want to scheulde a future recovery you can request a quote.

step 2 - dispatch

An emergency recovery vehicle will be sent out to your location ASAP or at the scheduled time for collection.

step 3 - Drop off

The vehicle that was involved in an accident will be safely transported to your chosen drop-off point.

Flat Battery Service

flat battery service

We are available around the clock to help motorists get back to their day as quickly as possible by providing emergency responses to those experiencing car troubles. If you’ve got a flat battery and need help, you can call our hotline on 0800 031 4367. Our experienced team members will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Charging your battery

One of the quickest ways to get your battery back to power is by jump-starting the car using jump leads. We simply connect our battery up to yours in order to bypass your dead battery and start the engine with ours.  Once your car is running again it will automatically re-charge your battery whilst on the move.

Another option is to use our portable battery packs to charge your battery directly so that it’s got enough power to start your engine.

Flat Battery Recovery
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So pleased with service at this garage, I broke down in my Evoke and the owner himself came out with his loader to pick up me and the car. The car was fixed quickly by them. All in all a great service and as a woman I did not feel ripped off.

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